Testimonials about CT Holman's Seminars


CT Holman studied Facial Diagnosis with me for a number of years and has combined this knowledge with his own extensive clinical experience to create treatments for Emotional Trauma that are incredibly effective. I have personally seen how his treatments have profoundly helped his patients.  He has taught for me in my Master Face Reading Certification Program and for the Lotus Institute in his own class.  I am very impressed with his ability to teach about this subject and I highly recommend that you bring him into your school to have him teach your students how to apply Facial Diagnosis in the treatment of Emotional Trauma. 

Lillian Pearl Bridges
Author of Face Reading in Chinese Medicine
President of the Lotus Institute, Inc., Seattle, WA


During the last few Chinese Culture Immersion Retreats that I teach for the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine, CT Holman has gifted us with inspiring lectures and rousing drum performances of Five Element drumming at the conclusion of the retreat.  In each case, his knowledge in Chinese medicine and his joy, powerful spirit, and enthusiasm for drumming as a healing modality has been infectious and got the whole room dancing along.  CT's combination of positive vibrations, extensive clinical experience, and deep understanding of the cosmology and theory behind Chinese medicine offer a special experience squarely in the tradition of "nurturing life."

Sabine Wilms Ph.D.
Faculty at the National College of Natural Medicine, School of Classical Chinese Medicine.


CT is a great lecturer and enjoyable teacher.  His presentation is so informative and interesting and our students have learned a lot in short 4 hours on face reading and applied channel theory.  We hope he is able to lecture these topics again in the near future for our doctoral program. 

Zhaoxue Lu, Ph.D (China), LAc, Associate Dean of Doctoral Studies 
Chair of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine,  Doctoral Studies Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.


I met CT Holman for the first time at the Kongress in Chinese medicine in Rothenburg, Germany in May 2015. CT held there an introduction in Drum Healing and I really felt the cleansing and revitalizing power of the drumming. I enjoyed it so much that I invited him to come to Sweden to teach a workshop in Drum Healing, which he did, during October 31 and November 1.

Even though we did not know each other before, we never had any difficulty in our communication. Co-operation with CT always went smoothly. 

CT has deep knowledge in Classical Chinese Medicine, qigong, Drum Healing and Chinese face diagnosis - knowledge he can share in a clear, pedagogic, vivid and fun way. All the participants enjoyed both his way of teaching as well as the course content, and they all felt inspired and filled with enthusiasm. The students at the workshop appreciated that CT really enjoyed teaching and was totally present and engaged every moment of his work. As one participant said, it was not just us learning from and observing the teacher, but in addition, he saw each one of us as well. This, I would say, also shows that CT is a good healer. CT is both very serious and also enjoys his work to the outmost - this is, in my view, an ideal combination.  

It is easy to see that he loves his work and that sharing his knowledge is an important part of his path in life now.

I warmly recommend CT Holman as a teacher in Drum Healing or any other field of Chinese Medicine he masters. I have found Drum Healing to be an awesome experience. 

As a person CT is honest, present, warm-hearted, easygoing and authentic.

I am glad that I invited him to Sweden and I would absolutely do it again. It was great working with him, and as a bonus, I am happy to have made a new dear friend in CT.

Jana Särman
Doctor in Chinese Medicine,
Teacher in Qigong, Taiji quan and meditation.