Facial Diagnostic Consultation

 An Ancient Chinese Facial Map

An Ancient Chinese Facial Map

Discover the hidden energy within yourself and learn how to fully stand in your power.  The face reveals, not only the state of your organs, but also your given talents and abilities.  Obtain clues to the inner you and thrive on the path of life.

In this 45 min session, CT will help you transform and step into your power.  You will receive a detailed description and explanation of your personal features and how they relate to your organ energy and emotional makeup.  Each face possesses strengths that are often untapped and by learning about your constitution insights are revealed. These insights will help enhance your heath and interactions in the world.  CT will make suggestions on nutrition, Qigong exercises, meditations, and other ways to improve your health and way of being.

The Facial Diagnostic Consultation can be done in person at his clinic or by Skype. 

To arrange a Skype session please send four photos in advance: one facing front smiling, one facing front not smiling, both sideways with the ear showing.  Please contact CT Holman:  office@redwoodspring.com.

CT uses the Lillian Bridges family lineage style of face reading.  He has studied with Lillian extensively for years and is one of the Lead Teachers and the Director of Development at Lotus Institute.  To learn more about Lillian and her style of face reading, please go to her web site:  http://lotusinstitute.com/