Mentorship Program

Classically learning was transferred from master teacher to student.  CT Holman creates a similar learning environment at his clinic.  All great theories find their true test in clinical situations. Learn Chinese medicine while actively seeing patients in a busy clinic and experiencing ancient wisdom in action.  Channel palpation, face reading diagnosis, shamanic qigong, pulse reading, and Master Tung style acupuncture are emphasized.

The mentorship is divided into four modules and is open to those with an active license in acupuncture or are currently a third year student or above attending an accredited graduate program in Chinese medicine. The first three modules are interchangeable and must be completed before the final module is scheduled.

CT treats a variety of conditions, ages, and backgrounds and participants will have a chance to see complicated cases and experience thorough diagnosis of disease patterns. See multiple diagnostic skills used cohesively to provide an efficient treatment plan.

Qigong is incorporated into each module to build the participants’ own vitality and improve their external healing. CT trains with Master Zhong Xian Wu and will demonstrate self cultivation techniques and external healing methods.

Each module is five days, one day of lecture, three days of clinic observation and one day of case studies. The program is composed of lecture and observation in the clinic. Each day is from 9am to 5pm with time for lunch and breaks. The mentorship is limited to one to two practitioners at a time, allowing a maximum transference of information.


The lectures and clinic shifts will be held at Redwood Spring PC.  Recommended accommodations please visit



Mentorship, Module 101
Channel Palpation diagnosis $1,200.00
Learn how to feel the physiology of the organs and channels.  CT trained with Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and has applied meridian palpation on hundreds of patients since 2001.  Experience hands on training and feel channels on several patients and see how the diagnosis is used to treat a variety of conditions.   CT helped edit the channel palpation textbook, “Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine,” and worked closely with the writer and colleague Jason Robertson on the text.  

Mentorship, Module 102
Face reading in Chinese medicine $1,200.00
Face reading is one of the original diagnostic methods that is rarely taught in graduate schools.  In this module, the connection between signs read on the face and acupuncture and herbal prescriptions will be made.  Grasp the signs of shen, qi and jing on the faces of patients and obtain a deep understanding of the mechanism of patterns of disease.

Mentorship, Module 103
Theory & Application of Point Prescriptions $1,200.00
Study classical acupuncture theory and how to formulate point prescriptions and simplify the number of points used in each treatment.  Acupuncture techniques will be demonstrated throughout the module.  CT utilizes classical theory taught by his two main acupuncture teachers Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and Dr. Wei Chieh Young.  Thorough discussion of channel theory and point location will be done in lecture and during the treatment of patients.  CT will display the locations of points based on his teachers’ clinical experience.

Mentorship, Module 104
Culmination of Diagnosis, Theory, and Treatment $1,200.00
In the final module participants will learn how to fully incorporate all the diagnostic tools and arrive at a complete treatment plan.  Using the concepts learned in the previous modules, cases will be evaluated and an understanding of the following passage will be realized.

Classic of difficulties Chapter 13

“Thus the inferior doctor knows one [diagnostic approach], the mediocre two while the superior doctor can utilize all three. The superior ones can [cure] nine out of ten [illnesses], the mediocre ones [help] eight out of ten while the inferior doctor only [cures] six out of ten.” (the three approaches are radial pulse diagnosis, diagnosis of the color of the skin and channel examination).