Mentorship Program

In ancient times, learning was transferred from master teacher to student. CT Holman creates a similar learning environment at his clinic. All great theories find their true test in clinical situations. Learn Chinese medicine while seeing patients in a busy clinic (three patients per hour). Channel palpation, facial diagnosis, shamanic qigong, pulse reading and Master Tung style acupuncture are emphasized.

CT has completed extensive training with Lillian Bridges (face reading), Dr. Wang Ju-Yi (channel palpation), Dr. Wei Chieh Young (Master Tung acupuncture) and Brian LaForgia (Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis).

The mentorship consists of five levels and is open to those with an active license in acupuncture or are currently a third year student or above attending an accredited graduate program in Chinese medicine. Students may choose which diagnostic and treatments methods they would like to emphasize.

CT treats a variety of conditions, ages, and backgrounds. Participants will have a chance to see complicated cases and experience thorough diagnosis of disease patterns utilizing multiple diagnostic skills to provide an efficient treatment plan.

Qigong is incorporated into each module to build the participants’ own vitality and improve their external healing. CT trains with Master Zhongxian Wu and will demonstrate self cultivation techniques and external healing methods.

Each module is five days. The program is composed of lecture and clinic observation. Each day is from 9am to 5pm with time for lunch and breaks. The mentorship is limited to one to two practitioners at a time, allowing a maximum transference of information. The program is offered throughout the year. To schedule email: Program requires a $500 non-refundable deposit.

The lectures and clinic shifts will be held at Redwood Spring PC.  Recommended accommodations:

Testimonial for CT’s mentorship program:

Working with CT Holman has been the greatest gift to myself and my evolution as a nascent practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Like many of us, finishing up TCM school as left me feeling a bit overwhelmed with how much more there is to explore outside the initial education. CT has a wide breadth of classical modalities that he generously shares with his mentees. It is evident that he places value on the traditional Chinese method of leaning via one on one apprenticeship and has set up his mentorship to feel as such. CT is the ideal mentor for those who are tired of memorized protocols and want to know why; he has certainly done his homework to get to the bottom of the 'why's,' and freely shares what he has learned, and me inspired to study further. He shares in depth lecture, patient observation, practical application and pragmatic tips for running a successful practice, all of which I have found to be invaluable, and was able to put into practice immediately. But most importantly, the  greatest treasure of studying with CT, was simply being at his side for a week  and observing the way in which he truly embodies and lives the medicine he practices. I am honored and humbled by the opportunity, and recommended it wholeheartedly. 
Megan M.


Chinese Medicine Mentorship Level One
Diagnosis and Treatment Methods $1,800.00
Chinese medicine excels in differentiating disease patterns. To fully understand the root of a condition, a variety of diagnostic methods need to be used. As stated in the Classic of difficulties Chapter 13,“ Thus the inferior doctor knows one [diagnostic approach], the mediocre two while the superior doctor can utilize all three. The superior ones can [cure] nine out of ten [illnesses], the mediocre ones [help] eight out of ten while the inferior doctor only [cures] six out of ten.” (the three approaches are radial pulse diagnosis, face reading and channel examination). 

CT introduces key concepts of facial diagnosis, channel palpation and pulse diagnosis and how to use these together in five element diagnosis. Channel theory and point designations are thoroughly explored to comprehend point prescriptions based on the teachings of Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and Dr. Wei-Chieh Young (Master Tung). CT discusses strategies to formulate point prescriptions and to simplify the number of points used in each treatment. Acupuncture techniques will be demonstrated throughout the module. Bloodletting, cupping, classical Chinese herbal formulas and nutritional recommendations are explored.

Chinese Medicine Mentorship Level Two
Advanced Diagnosis and Treatment Methods $1,800.00
The diagnostic methods are expanded upon to understand the subtleties of disease patterns. Face reading is one of the original diagnostic methods that is rarely taught in graduate schools. CT trained with Lillian Bridges for several years and now teaches facial diagnosis internationally with Lillian. In this module, the various features, lines, colors of the face are explained to obtain a deep understanding of the mechanism of patterns of disease. The diagnostic signs read on the face are correlated with acupuncture and herbal prescriptions.

Learn how to feel the physiology of the organs and channels. CT trained with Dr. Wang Ju-Yi and has applied channel palpation on hundreds of patients since 2001. Experience hands on training and palpate several patients to see how the diagnosis is used to treat a variety of conditions. CT edited and contributed to the channel palpation textbook, Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine, and worked closely with Jason Robertson (the writer/colleague).  

Internal medicine, emotional trauma, dermatology, gynecology, pediatrics and geriatrics will be studied in greater detail. Advanced point prescriptions and detailed herbal formulas with modifications are given.

Chinese Medicine Mentorship Level Three
Creating Complete Treatment Protocols $1,800.00
At this stage, students utilize the theory and applied techniques from the two previous modules to craft their own acupuncture prescriptions, Chinese herbal formulas, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations for patients.

Students diagnose patients in the clinic and design treatment protocols. They will create long-term treatment plans and determine patients’ golden path using the various diagnostic techniques.

Advanced needle techniques, cupping therapy and bloodletting will be practiced.

Chinese Medicine Mentorship Level Four
Shamanism in Chinese Medicine $1,800.00
In this time of a growing global acceptance around the mystery of life, people are seeking ways to heal on the soul/spirit level. Practitioners look to indigenous medical techniques, which include shamanism.

Shamanism provides the foundation of Chinese medicine. From qigong visualizations/movements to verbal ques, shamanic techniques offer efficient and effective means to addressing physical pathology and emotional imbalances. Chinese medicine, when practiced comprehensively, addresses the body, mind, and spirit. These ancient shamanic practices concentrate on the spirit and the soul. Merging shamanism with modern Chinese medicine generates exceptional and complete health care.

Level 4 unveils these practices which align the body’s spiritual nature. CT Holman shares his clinical experience and extensive training utilizing shamanic practices to create a healing space, understand the soul/spirit, and heal on a deep level. He describes shamanic applications of qigong, drumming, verbal healing, acupressure/acupuncture, and other Chinese medical techniques. Cultivation exercises, appropriate for the practitioner and patient, are included. CT explains the timing of activities and medical practices, a key influence by shamans, and the spiritual nature of Chinese medicine protocols. He elaborates on specific cleansing methods to facilitate optimum physiology and shares case studies to illustrate how shamanic practices blend effortlessly with traditional and classical Chinese medicine. This combination delivers an inclusive approach and yields physical and emotional well-being for patients.

Chinese Medicine Mentorship Level Five
Special Topic $1,800.00
This marks the culmination of in-depth study of the various diagnostic and treatment methods. Students work on the highest level of healing, that of changing karma. Chinese medicine is practiced in its complete form (shamanism, classical, traditional and western medicine research based). Students may choose which diagnostic and treatment methods they would like to explore comprehensively.