Three Staged Approach to Treating Emotional Trauma

CT Holman briefly explains a treatment approach to address emotional trauma.


gathering the qi treatment approach

CT Holman and Tammy Anderson, L.Ac. discuss the importance of first Gathering the Qi in the treatment of emotional trauma.

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Qiological podcast

Michael Max interviews CT about the details of diagnosis and treatment of emotional truama with Chinese medicine.


Platinum Convos podcast

CT discusses generational/inherited trauma and hope to diagnose and treat it with Chinese me.


A Doctor's perspective podcast

CT discusses the many diagnostic methods used in Chinese medicine and they give patients insights into treating their past traumas.


one hour webinar

Emotional trauma comprises part of the human experience. An unprocessed traumatic event remains in the tissue memory which affects the body’s physiology and ultimately weakens the organ/channel systems. CT Holman describes the various diagnostic signs that indicate stored trauma and provides a successful acupuncture and herbal protocol to gather the qi after both acute and chronic trauma.